About Us


Hello person or persons of discernable taste and very attractive features, welcome to my blog, here you will find a collection of my finest literary works and artistic endeavours.

This blog is written by me Paul Thax, I’m a thirty something urban go getter with a heart of gold and dreams as big as the oceans. Or in reality I’m a very overweight nerd who lives with his parents and has no social skills at all, I can’t hold a phone conversation and I will never maintain eye contact!

The blog is also written by me Cecil Thax, Paul’s 84 year old father, yes we had him when I was 50, there’s nothing wrong with that so stop judging us! I like to write complaint letters when something has upset me, which happens very often. My wife does not like receiving complaint letters from me but maybe she should stop being a moody cow, then I wouldn’t have to write them!

Together we are RadioThax creators of hilarious stories, comics, videos and other mediums which I can’t think of now because my wife is on the phone talking to a man in an overly flirty manor!

Please browse our site and enjoy the literary delights we have to offer, they are utterly free, so have second or third helpings!

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