RadioThax Randoms – 82 – Her Majesty is a pretty nice girl

Recorded pre and post the passing of a long time queen. Hear Paul report on the situation while Sir Jeremy threatens physical violence for disrepecting said old queen.

2 thoughts on “RadioThax Randoms – 82 – Her Majesty is a pretty nice girl

  1. That stammering nearly caused an accident. The violence of sir jezza, I would have slapped him for that crappability brown comment alone! Formulaic bollocks, poor man’s Paxton, hailed as a genius, sickens me. Hope you get new curtains, though. Btw 12 weeks til Xmas.

  2. Paul, the job of having to get up, go out, visit with and do small talk with thousands of the general public and various personalities, celebs and royalties etc would be your idea of a nightmare, surely!! Not even worth a castle and pork pies on tap XD XD

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