The Paul Thax Diary Podcast – 21st to 28th May

We go into full vacation mode and relax in a boiling hot Italy, Paul soaks up the sun, his underpants soak up his sweat, then they dissolve!


Find us on an android based podcast player (if you don’t have an iPhone in other words)

Find it on iTunes, listen to us on the go on your iPhone, pad, pid or pud!

Or search for radiothax and select ‘The RadioThax Podcast’ on your favorite podcast app

One thought on “The Paul Thax Diary Podcast – 21st to 28th May

  1. Cock on thigh!! Does this series get funnier and funnier or do I just think that every time? It’s so funny and your reading voicena dn expressions more ebulent and hilarious than ever. So much detail I have to listen, with relish, many times over XD

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