The RadioThax Podcast

RadioThax Random Podcast – 5 – Sir Drive a Taxi Beverage Tour

Four short segments this week. Something to take your mind off the horrors for 40 minutes!

Four short segments this week.

  1. Sir Jeremy Drives around his town and comments on the humanity within
  2. Paul dreams he is a taxi drive and take Cecil on a trip leading to fury and expletives
  3. Paul and Cecil are in the kitchen, making a Mega Beverage
  4. Sir Jeremy Cream is given a tour around his own house, which Cecil, Margaret and Paul now live in.

Enjoy the smorgasbord of wonder!


  1. uff uff ish nearly ruined my painting, crying with laughter, please do a video to the thax being a taxi driver bit or farm it out to dylan to animate 🙂

  2. Woild like to see Sir Jezs Creane country, and him and his men in those robes. Cecil has to humour Paul such a lot in this. Use the money for Cecil some honey! Half a jar indeed! Sadly weve all had to stop looking at Wetherspoons menu on the app now in these coronal times 😦

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