RadioThax Random Podcast – 5 – Sir Drive a Taxi Beverage Tour

Four short segments this week.

  1. Sir Jeremy Drives around his town and comments on the humanity within
  2. Paul dreams he is a taxi drive and take Cecil on a trip leading to fury and expletives
  3. Paul and Cecil are in the kitchen, making a Mega Beverage
  4. Sir Jeremy Cream is given a tour around his own house, which Cecil, Margaret and Paul now live in.

Enjoy the smorgasbord of wonder!

4 thoughts on “RadioThax Random Podcast – 5 – Sir Drive a Taxi Beverage Tour

  1. uff uff ish nearly ruined my painting, crying with laughter, please do a video to the thax being a taxi driver bit or farm it out to dylan to animate 🙂

  2. Woild like to see Sir Jezs Creane country, and him and his men in those robes. Cecil has to humour Paul such a lot in this. Use the money for Cecil some honey! Half a jar indeed! Sadly weve all had to stop looking at Wetherspoons menu on the app now in these coronal times 😦

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