RadioThax Randoms – 34 – Reciprocity Clock

Paul can’t even say reciprocity let alone know what it means. And Sir Jeremey learns a truth about Paul’s wife.

3 thoughts on “RadioThax Randoms – 34 – Reciprocity Clock

  1. That’s exactly it, all the acts of reciprocity, probably expected, on social media could be a full time job XD never a chore with you guys though.
    So many laughs out loud today!
    Definitely Paul and Cecil are the best at saying reciprocity! And it cannot be said enough.
    Let’s see if Mike Judge sues lol

    1. Thank you for this kind act of reciprocitox. And the challenge to say it. If you have any other fun words for the chaps to say let us know. Not worcestershire sauce though, Margaret tried to say that on an upcoming podcast and she’s not been the same since.

      1. I’m not sure there exists another word that can test you so hard, I will get back to you on that XD
        I can’t wait to hear Marg attempt to say Wourcestershire!!??

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