The Paul Thax Diary Podcast – 26th Feb to 4th March

Paul Thax reads a weeks entry from his 2013 diary. Paul takes a little holiday, with a fishy tale and comes home to some horrific news!

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Or search for radiothax and select ‘The RadioThax Podcast’ on your favorite podcast app


7 thoughts on “The Paul Thax Diary Podcast – 26th Feb to 4th March

  1. You should dam well be nominated, and win, for best Radio Show Ever Made! I wanna visit Beamish :/ lucky boy. I like hearing your child voice! OMG the fish thing was horrific, thank goodness it was just your Frank Spencer show plan! Yet still gross.

    1. If you still had the digital copies you could read along and see which bits I made up as I was reading. But then you might skip ahead and not bother listening to this so meagh

      1. I think I deleted the folder that had the drafts in 😦 though thinking on I might have up to april that I’d been through, so I could!

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