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The 2003 Diary Podcast – 3rd to 30th June

Hello person or persons of discernible taste and very attractive features, welcome to RadioThax.com

This web page created by me Paul Thax, I’m a thirty something urban go getter with a heart of gold and dreams as big as the oceans. Or in reality I’m a very overweight nerd who can’t hold a phone conversation and will never maintain eye contact!

This internet super highway document is also made by me Cecil Thax, Paul’s father (88 years old at last checkup). I like to write complaint letters when something has upset me, which happens often. My wife does not like receiving complaint letters but maybe she should stop irking me, I wouldn’t have to write them!

Together we are RadioThax creators of amusing stories, comics, podcasts and other mediums which I can’t think of now because my wife is on the phone talking to a man in an overly flirty manor!

Please browse our site and enjoy the delights we have to offer, they are utterly free, so have second or third helpings! Maybe if you enjoyed it, share some of the wonders with your chums. Ta duck.