Podcast 6 – Radiothax 2009 Christmas special

A Christmas special from 2009 When Cecil’s other son shows up demanding £7777, it takes Paul and Cecil on a journey through space and distance and time to try and recover what was lost! This was recorded 5 years ago, please forgive any poor audio quality and spicy talk! Advertisements

Letter to Bic Razors

Dear Bic Good morning to you, I hope this communication finds you well. May I begin this email by saying that the following comments are of course not aimed directly at you, the poor customer service rep who has to deal with such matters. I am a man of not very many means, I don’t…

Podcast 3 – Hate

Things come to a boiling point, Cecil’s wife has left him, Paul is as grumpy as a nerd without Wi-Fi. Fireworks ensue! Caution contains heavy metal style music with tricky to understand lyrics!

The medieval period

The medieval period The medieval period was a period of time in England from 492 to 1102 AD. This is the period of time when there were knights, dragons and all of forms of magical beings. England was not the united kingdom it now is, rather it was split into many principalities. Kings were common…

Complaint to walkers 2

Dear Sir/Madam I have written to your company once before, that time I was so angry I was visibly shaking with rage, well this time, my anger is so great that I have gone beyond shaking and am still as a really calm mill pond, but don’t let that deceive you for what I have…