RadioThax Randoms – 73 – Car chat

The Thax clan drive around before christmas and describe what they can and can’t see. Then post Christmas Cecil takes Paul out for his first real driving lesson.

RadioThax Randoms – 46 – We’ve gone to Malton by mistake

Incessant chat causes driving mishap, diverting the car on a 50 minutes long trip of terror. Tony screams in fear at his first time driving on a duel carriage way. Will they make it to Sir Jeremy’s escutcheons appointment in time?

RadioThax Random Podcast – 11 – Margaret Special

In this podcast we pay hommage to Cecil’s wife Margaret. Featuring never heard before podcasts!

1 – Margaret has a driving lesson

2 – Margaret takes a trip in the car to B and Q

Margaret is like a mint imperial, on the outside very hard and brittle and on the inside, just as hard and even more brittle!

Also here is the picture of the terrifying beetle Cecil and Paul were terrifid of.